Not your mother's portrait studio.


Remember Glamour Shots? You know, those poofy-bangs, halo-light-on-the-hair, soft and hazy pictures of your mom on the hallway wall? 

This? This is not that. 

I've poured myself into my work, trained with master-craftswomen and men all over the world, tried and failed and tried again until I got lighting and posing and composition and editing and the technical sides of my gear firmly under my thumbs. And then I learned how to do that all over again under the water.

I am not here to send you home with a digital proof copy of your face. I'm here to create spectacular and jaw-dropping wall art for your home, your business, and your life. Images that make you whisper I can't believe that's me. Portraits that make you stand taller and sneak a new line into your inner-dialogue that goes something like geez, I'm kind of gorgeous (and you are). Whole series of imagery that you proudly display so that you can relive that boost of confidence or that incredible experience every. single. time. you see it. 

I don't just take pretty little pictures. I am proud to have become a master of my craft so that I can prove to you that you are a work of art.


sessions are $290  

(all prints & digital portrait files are purchased separately)