The term "portraits" covers a lot of genres, so take a look below and see if you find what you're looking for. Don't see it? Have questions? I'm always up for a challenge and custom creations, so feel free to just contact me directly too.



Family portrait sessions include everything from personality-driven, outdoor family shoots, to maternity sessions, to Baby's First Year packages, and more. Let me know what you have in mind, toss me a few dates that work for you, and we'll get it all locked in with your electronic contract and retainer fee! Follow-up review & ordering session are included with your session fee. Images purchased separately (digital copies always come with every print/product purchase). 

Session Fee: $250


Senior sessions are a highly specialized portrait session tailored to each individual senior's personality, tastes, and activities. Whether on-location at the beach in Malibu, at the track at school, in the theatre room, or editorially inspired in my home-studio, it's a fully customized experience from start to finish. Sessions include hair & makeup (if desired) with the session fee. Follow-up review & ordering session are also included with session fee. Images purchased separately (digital copies always included with every print/product purchase). 

Session Fee: $290


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empowerment portraiture

Remember Glamour Shots? You know, those poofy-bangs, halo-light-on-the-hair, soft and hazy pictures of your mom on the hallway wall? This? This is not that. 

I've poured myself into my work, trained with master-craftswomen and men all over the world, tried and failed and tried again until I got lighting and posing and composition and editing and the technical sides of my gear firmly under my thumbs.

I am not here to send you home with a digital proof copy of your face. I'm here to create spectacular and jaw-dropping wall art for your home, your business, and

your life. Images that make you whisper I can't believe that's me. Portraits that make you stand taller and sneak a new line into your inner-dialogue that goes something like geez, I'm kind of gorgeous (and you are). A whole series of imagery that you proudly display so that you can relive that boost of confidence or that incredible experience every. single. time. you see it. 

I don't just take pretty little pictures. I am proud to have become a master of my craft so that I can prove to you that you are a work of art.

Session Fee: $250