"Brienne is the epitome of an artist; always dreaming, creating, stretching her creative muscles in new and exciting ways."

- Rochelle Leigh Wall, Delightful by Rochelle

If you're stopping by my littler corner of the interwebs, and specifically this page, you're probably wondering a what exactly it is that I do (you and my mom you Mom!).

I'm a content creator and a visual artist. I enjoy working in both the commercial photography world, creating custom content for brand, designers, bloggers, dancers, and various social media and advertising campaigns, as well as providing customized photography coverage and art work for private clients. 

So what should you do from here? Well, decide what you're interested in first, then take a peek around the galleries to see if anything catches your fancy. Not sure if you're a "collaborator" or a "private client"? Read on, my friend!

If you're looking to collaborate on a project or commission some advertising or publication work, use the contact form above and let's start chatting. I work with a range of budgets and I'm confident we can create something amazing.

If you're looking for personal photography images (think weddings, portraits, art therapy sessions, etc), you are what I refer to as a Private Client (sounds mysterious, doesn't it? *cue eyebrow waggling*). You should also feel free to use the contact link above. I will be happy to setup a consultation with you and provide you with detailed pricing information.

If it helps, session fees start at $250 depending on the type of session. I'm also a full-service photography studio, so all prints, products, master digital files, etc are purchased separately.

Wedding coverage begins at $2800 and includes your edited image files + complimentary engagement session. With over 275 weddings under my belt and over 11 years of professional photography experience, you can count on 2 things: I know what I'm doing (no risks here! Save that for the best man's toast!) and I really (really) love weddings. Want to talk more? Good, me too. Click the contact button and let's get this party started.