Just Send the Photo (Portraits So Good You'll Skip the Holiday Letter Guilt-Free) -- Los Angeles Family Portrait Photographer

It's that time of the year when my email, facebook, phone, and even my instagram are starting to get bombarded with family portrait requests. Because, you know, HOLIDAYS. It may seem like oh hey, it's only September but my holiday portrait veterans are shaking their heads because they know (THEY KNOW) that this is already getting late in the game to schedule a session. 

September for a photographer who works with private clients (which make up about half my client base) is beyond nuts. Between weddings and portraits (especially for a full-service studio like mine) and underwater work (for me at least), this is the month where you might want to just hug your photographer friends when you see them because they probably aren't sleeping. And maybe forgetting to eat too (usually Septembers feel like some strange version of Scandal where everyone is fueled by popcorn and wine or something). 

ALL OF THAT TO SAY, if you've already scheduled your session with me, blessing to you my friends. But if you haven't, make like Apache and JUMP ON IT. At this time, I only have 3 (THREE!) weekend dates still available between now and Thanksgiving for families. The rest are weekday dates and even those are being claimed fast. 

If you're ready for a customized, fully supported, all-about-your-family, professional full service holiday portrait experience, let's chat. Isn't it time you had a holiday photo so awesome that you felt good about skipping that Christmas letter? C'mon. Let me make a PORTRAIT for you.