What Are You Building In 2019 -- Branding Photographer

If you’re anything like me (and probably the majority of the people you know), you’ve got some big goals for 2019. But here we are, nine days in, and this is when it all starts to lose steam. The hard work of all those intentions and changes is starting to get a little more uphill, or maybe you haven’t even figured out exactly where to start. The goal is there, sitting on a post-it on your computer screen or on the lock screen of your phone or maybe even written on your bathroom mirror, but the actual steps to start are who knows where. But before any of that starts to depress you, can I give you a little push?


It’s that simple. It’s time to start the actionable steps to put feet to your goals. Whether it’s starting a new business, or growing the side-hustle you’re already doing, thinking it alone won’t get those check boxes ticked off. Maybe you’re starting training to be a coach, tutor, instructor, or consultant. Maybe you’ve already done the training and it’s time to start bringing in clients. Maybe you’ve been at this for a while, but it’s just tie (reeeeally time) for a REFRESH.

I know the feeling, friends. I’m in the middle of the implementation part of the business upgrades I’ve been making too. I started the work last September when I started to hire business coaches and WOW it feels so good to actually be doing things this January.

So I want to challenge you. Whether it’s booking a coach of your own, reaching out to a friend for regular coffee dates to hold each other accountable on 2019 goals, or maybe even finally booking that branding session with me so you can GO GO GO for it, do something in the next 7 days to take real, measurable steps. It’s time to level up! Don’t do what I used to and let your January goals gather dust until suddenly you look up and it’s summer and you’re swamped and time has passed you by. This really and truly can be your year!

Leave a comment below and tell me one thing you WILL do in the next 7 days! Let’s all push each other forward!

And in the meantime, take a peek at Lorena’s branding and content imagery. She finished her yoga teacher training and is ready to do therapeutic training with all types of people! (Sidenote: if you’ve got back pain, sciatica, etc. and you have a goal of improving your health and mobility, check her out on instagram to connect! Wanna do yoga teacher training? Reach out to the one and only Dani Ibarra - who trained Lorena too - for info on that!).