Bob Reeves Brass -- Branding + Content Photography


Taking it back today — way back. Like, when I was a musician, way back. Some of you know that, but I know a lot of my photo-world friends have only known me as a photographer (fair enough, it’s been 13+ years of professional photography…). But not only was my bachelor’s in music business (and I briefly worked for Columbia Records - Sony/BMG), I was a brass player all the way through college. Not just brass, but specifically trombone. Yup, the long one with the slide. Since I was 8 years old.

And since I started playing trombone back when the thing was taller than me, let’s just say that a big part of my heart (and humor level) is stuck in the world of brass players. I remember the first time I got a mouthpiece from Bob Reeves Brass in college. It was a I have arrived type moment for me. I mean, it was where the real pros got their mouthpieces from. And I finally had one. Unfortunately, it didn’t make me any more of a “real pro” than having Steven King’s laptop made me a best-selling author, but WOW it helped!

Fast-forward to the end of 2017 when I get a call from John Snell (himself a fantastic brass player) to create new headshots and content photography for the BRB website update. I already really enjoy creating content for individuals and companies, but now I had the opportunity to merge my past life with my passion! Doing the walk-through of the shop brought back so many memories of my music-major years, and gave me that same tingly here’s-where-the-pros-go vibes all over again.

Easily the highlight of this content session (which was already extra-special) was getting to watch the one and only Bob Reeves himself create a custom mouthpiece, start to finish, on the original machine that started it all. Bob, now in his 80’s, never said a word while he worked. But his sure, steady hands fashioned out a mouthpiece with the confidence that only over 50 years in the business can bring.

I can’t wait to see their finished website (being designed by the same web designer I used, Heather Nance of Branded Haus Co.!).

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