Alec + Jenn -- Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens Engagement Photography


What can I say about Alec and Jenn other than this engagement session was an absolute dream? When Alec reached out initially and mentioned they hoped to use the botanical gardens at Huntington Library in San Marino for their engagement session, I was at once excited and also not holding my breath. And that’s for one simple reason - getting permission to do any kind of photography at Huntington is extremely difficult, rare, and can even be expensive.

Truth be told, it’s not the first time I’ve had an eager couple or family bring it up to me. And who could blame them? The 120 acres of botanical gardens are unlike anything else I’ve seen. I remember seeing them for the first time nearly 2 decades ago and just being elated and awed. There is something about each little corner of the place that sets your soul at peace and dazzles your eyes. It’s been a dream to shoot there professionally for years.

So when Alec + Jenn said that we were moving ahead with Huntington, followed by the approval of my insurance, paperwork, timing from the staff at the Huntington and the receipt of the official photography permit, I couldn’t have been more excited! Now, add to all that a fantastic, romantic, care-free, head-over-heels-in-love duo like Alec and Jenn and cue-the-magic-like-WOAH.

From Jenn: “GAAAH just looked at everything! We are so happy! I am ear to ear! This really made me so joyful. THANK YOU. Thank you so much! We are thrilled!! Thank you for putting so much work and effort into these wonderful pictures. We had so much fun with you, and are grateful you were recommended to us!”

Alec and Jenn — thank you SO MUCH for trusting me to capture this incredible part of your journey! It was truly a treat for me, and not just because of the Huntington. It was because the two of you were so much fun to be around, and a joy to photograph! Thanks for rolling with my wide-eyed wonder and confidently relying on my skills to bring your vision to life! Best wishes and have an awesome wedding in Minnesota this summer!