Emerson Turns 6 Months -- Beverly Hills Baby Photography


It’s not uncommon for me to get to work with a family more than once. Being honest, it’s actually one of my favorite things! But it’s still rare that I get to work with a family to photograph their entire Baby’s First Year for ALL of their kiddos! Miss Emerson is one of those rare cases — she’s baby #3 for her family and I’ve been lucky enough to capture every month of the first year for her, and both of her older brothers! I get more than a little attached to these lil’ biscuits (and their parents too!). I mean, is it too out of line to just expect them to keep having kids so we can keep doing this (right Lindsay? Micah? hahaha!)?

In case that plan doesn’t pan out for me, I’ll just keep soaking up the adorable time I get with them! Check out Emerson’s (almost) half-birthday photos just in time for the holidays (and of course, some photos of her big brothers - the coolest 5 year old on the planet and the cutest baby-wearing two-year-old you ever saw….)!