Hannah -- Senior Portrait Session


I can attest personally to the fact that Hannah is one incredible young woman. Besides the usual - she's kind, brilliant, easy to smile, hard working, obviously she's gorgeous... - there's one particular fact that strikes me about Hannah. She's a perfect team member. She combines all of her amazing skills and puts them to work on the teams she's a part of. She is smart enough to figure out what to do and to learn it fast, while still being pleasant, friendly, funny, and efficient. That's rare and while it may seem less-than-glamorous, for any of the occupiers of the "real world" reading this, I know you know how important of a skill set that is in the #adulting world. Hannah will go far. She's already making waves (and fans) wherever she goes and I have not doubt that will continue! Best wishes for your internship, your goals, and all the dreams in front of you Hannah. Your'e a true gem! 

(Makeup by Elegance By Alex)

Brienne ShepardComment