I first met Ayannah when she contacted me for a school project. As an aspiring photographer herself, she needed to shadow a photographer during a session. Ayannah joined me for a shoot with several models for eco-couture designer Deborah Lindquist's bridal line. She was not only on time and pleasant (not guaranteed things anymore), she was helpful, knowledgable, and brought an overall great vibe to the atmosphere of the photo shoot. I was more than impressed! Which meant that when Ayannah let me know she wanted me to shoot her senior portraits, I was extremely thrilled and excited. 

Everything you see below I would consider a collaboration between she and I. She chose the location and wardrobe, and many of the other elements of the shoot. Knowing that I had a lot of creative control, we used it as an opportunity to experiment a bit. I loved doing the shoot, and I have to say, it was incredibly fun to hand with her and her mom, Shaherah! No doubt at all that she has a .bright future ahead of her and, with her creativity, she'll go far! Can't wait to see what the coming years bring for you, Ayannah! 

Brienne ShepardComment