If you know anything about my alter-ego, you know that I direct a giant christmas musical every year (no, the space shuttle isn't from THAT.... and if you've seen the scale of the show, you'll know why some people might actually wonder about that...). Working on that show the last few years is how I met two of my favorite people - Rachel and Wade. Rachel served as my Production Designer, Stage Manager, and Wonder Woman (no, literally. She played Wonder Woman...). She's a genius, incredibly creative, a wealth of comic book and general nerd-dom information, and experienced in all things stage, tv, and film. Wade is similarly gifted and served as the primary Set Builder for the shows, bringing Rachel's ideas to life, oh, and stepping in to play Dr. McCoy too. One of my favorite parts of seeing them work together is their yin-and-yang connection. Rachel is passion, fire, excitement, and let's-do-this-now (a grouping of personality traits that I love and share with her!), while Wade is peace, calm, surety & strength, a pillar of knowledge and efficiency wrapped up in gentleness. They are an incredible, and unstoppable, team. So when Wade pulled me aside to let me know that he was going to be popping the question before Christmas, I did a literal happy dance. No really, I did an actual dance right there in the hallway of the auditorium because they make that much sense together. And when he said "by the space shuttle", oh man, my inner-geek was SO FREAKING EXCITED.

And so it was that, after a two-day scavenger hunt, and with the help of many friends and family, Rachel found herself directed to the Space Shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center, where they shared their first date,  Wade waiting beneath Endeavor's wings, ring in hand. Check out the images from this sweet and very special surprise proposal below! 

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