Raelyn -- MONO LAKE

Sometimes you get an opportunity that is just too good to pass up. Like when you're driving back from Lake Tahoe with your assistant photographer and you're headed down your favorite highway (395 South) and there it is, one of the most amazing pieces of nature in the state. Mono Lake. You have to stop. You have to pull the gear out. And if you're lucky, your assistant doesn't hesitate to get into the briney lake. 

Mono (prounounced moh-noh) is a truly other-worldly spot. North of Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, near the June Lake loop, this lake is both natural and devoid of all life except for bizarre tiny brine shrimp. It changes color throughout the year and probably most famous for is tuffas (too-fuhs). These strange formations along the water's edge are extremely weird and extremely sharp (trust me, I cut open my foot on one during this shoot...). After confirming with the local park ranger (who showed us those wackadoo brine shrimp) that it's safe to get in the water for short periods of time, we made a little magic. 

Let this be a reminder to you (and really, to me) that sometimes, pulling over for 45 minutes and exploring is much more worth it, for body, soul, and your blog feed, than you may have thought. Happy adventuring!

Brienne Shepard1 Comment