Going Rogue (artistically, of course)

Like just about everyone else I know, I've spent a lot of time in the last few weeks reflecting back on the last year and, for me at least, the some of my most favorite photo shoots. I made the decision to split out my instagram feeds at the beginning of the year (professional, personal, and underwater) for the sake of organization and effectiveness. But don't be surprised if some of these types of sessions creep up in any of those feeds. This, right here, was one of my most favorite experiments to date. There was no real reason, per say, for this session, other than the synergistic blend of three amazing female artists. Rochelle's floral genius, Alex's incredible skills with makeup and modeling, me with my camera and lighting, and we were off to the races. Just, you know, in the middle of the night in Rochelle's floral studio. Using her tub. Like you do....

I do things like this for me. For my own stretching, growing, and need to get off the beaten path. There have been a lot of self-discoveries lately, but one of the realizations that has been most clear is that I really and truly have always had this almost instinctual need to do something different than everyone else. I'm not re-inventing the wheel or anything, but I am most definitely one of those people that, when told to "go right", almost can't stop myself from immediately going left. Trust me, just ask my mom. 

So these little moments to go rogue? I need them. And I'm so honored to have incredible women around me who get that, and who jump right on the bandwagon to head into some unknown space together. It's pretty awesome. 

Brienne ShepardComment