Yara + Ethan : Inn of the Seventh Ray Wedding Photography


He's a composer - an extremely talented one - and Jewish-American. She's pretty much the goddess of all things coffee and from the Netherlands. So naturally, they met in The Hague and fell in love, right? 

Ok, so that's a ridiculous oversimplification of this bomb-diggity couple, but you get my drift, right? They're incredible, unique, and fascinating people. Laughter dominates every conversation with them, laced with brilliance and hint of the adventurous. Hand-in-hand, these two have globe-trotted their way down the aisle together, all with smiles on their faces and an excitement about what comes next. Celebrating this day with them, the merging of two lives, two families, and essentially 3 cultures, was utterly beautiful! Their wedding happened to fall on my birthday and I can't think of a party I'd rather be at! Scroll down to see more of their gorgeous day at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon! 

Brienne ShepardComment