Jenn + Wes : Santa Clarita Maternity Photography


Photographing these two was beyond a pleasure for me. You see, I've known them both for several years, was a bridesmaid in their wedding, photographed Wes proposing to Jenn, and Jenn was even a part of my intern program (she's now a photographer in the Bay Area!). Watching them as a couple, and having both of them for good friends has been a true joy. But watching them struggle through miscarriage from afar was absolutely heart breaking. These two are some of the most beautiful souls I know (who will make amazing parents) and to see them face such tragedy and heart ache is gut wrenching. I practically came out of my skin in joy when I found out that Jenn was pregnant with this baby girl! I knew how much this meant to them and that love and happiness practically glows around them both! So when they were down south for baby showers, I was thrilled to get to capture a little of that momma-glow beauty! Scroll down for more! 

Brienne ShepardComment