Alex Flores : Featured Artist (The Gypsy Collective)

One of the best surprises I've found since stepping foot into this crazy career called professional photography over a decade ago has, hands down, been meeting and working with other incredible artists. I have had the chance to work alongside and collaborate with some of the most talented artists in Los Angeles and all over the world. Alex Flores is just one of the more amazing examples I've been lucky enough to work with, capture, and now call friend. 

You've NO DOUBT seen her work on my feed, my website, my blog, my every personal and professional display space. We joke and say "you're the yin to my yang" and while we say it with a touch of laughter, it's 100% true. Alex is the type of artist who has a bit of the Muse in her. She brings out a level of creativity in my work that is only there because we are working together. When we work together, create art together, it's synergistic; it's more than 1 + 1. She inspires and supports everyone around her. She fights for beauty, she speaks her mind, she paints with more than just her cosmetics, and she happens to be incredibly technically proficient to boot. It's no wonder that The Gypsy Collective (an agency) snatched her up, or that she's my official first "Featured Artist" on my blog. 

Brienne ShepardComment