Baby Girl A : Los Angeles Newborn Photography


One of the best parts of my job, since becoming a mom myself especially, is that I get to work with newborn babes and their families. Before becoming a mom myself, I had never really spent much time around newborns or very young infants. Of course I had babysat little kids from time to time growing up, but there's a pretty big world of difference between a 2 year old and a 2 DAY old! And if there's one thing that stands out to me about my experience with my own firstborn, and therefore my first experience with newborns, it's that I had no freaking clue what I was doing. 

I remember feeling sort of shocked and terrified when we were given the all-clear to go home from the hospital with my son after he was born. I thought "Wait! Are you sure? What do I do with this thing? Are you sure you should be letting me leave with him?". Of course I loved him, but the seriousness of now being responsible for an actual human life was daunting (to say the least). So I did what most parents do - I started reading everything I could get my hands on (and googling in the middle of the night), because this was clearly a whole other ball game than what I had experienced before. Before long, when I returned to work, I began to see a pretty serious uptick in requests for newborn and baby photography. Which, for me, triggered an immediate gotta-get-me-some-education response. So I did. 

I took classes and workshops and read books and articles and spent so. much. time. learning about the biology of babies and safety and techniques when it came to photographing them. I learned so much (mostly about how to get babies to sleep and stay that way - helloooooooo helpful when you have a baby at home!). I started working with more and more brand new babies and fell in love with it. 

Now, with my first born approaching his *gulp* 9th birthday in a few months and my younger child past the 5.5 years mark, I find myself missing those newborn snuggles, the little squeaky sounds they make (that disappear so soon!), the wrinkle-y stretches, the milk-coma smiles, etc. Buuuuuuuut not enough to have another baby (not even close, sorry mom). Newborn sessions have been the perfect chance for me to get those snuggles in without having to have another baby myself! Win-win (I can hear my husband shouting "AMEN!" from here....)! 

Check out some snuggles from one of my recent newborn shoots (there will be more babies coming soon too -- so many clients had babies in the past few weeks!!!). I adore everything about this family and I especially loved this little lady's nursery!!! In fact, I ordered the print on the wall for my own daughter's room! Check it out! 

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