Happy New Year! (aka 2016 is FINALLY OVER!)


So, how 'bout that 2016, eh? Yeah. Me too. Let's just all agree to not talk about THAT for a while. If you're feeling like me, while you may have had some great moments in 2016, you're definitely ready for 2017 to take over. 

Every year, rather than set specific "resolutions", I spend time deciding what the "theme" will be for the coming new year. Last year, my focus was "balance". Well, while I mostly feel like I spent the year floundering on what that actually means for my work/life/routine/home, I am proud that I feel like by the end of the year, we had actually started to implement systems that are helping to create more and more of that in our lives as a family. It took most of the year, but we are hitting our stride on that and have a direction to continue moving. The year before that was "discipline" as I changed focus as a business and had to, in many ways, re-learn the 'hustle' of this industry in new arenas. 

But this year, the theme word we've settled on is SIMPLIFY. I'll be honest, I am simultaneously dreading and looking forward to implementing this in our household and lives. We are in desperate need of minimizing, simplifying, re-thinking, and in general removing the stress that comes from excess, whether that's insane amounts of clothing, too many toys, or too many steps in the business processes. All around, simplifying our lives is a continuing step in the balance and peace we have begun to foster in our home since moving up to our little modern mountain homestead.

What about you? Do you have resolutions or have you set your intention for 2017 in a word, phrase, or verse? I am seriously fascinated by the refresh of intentions that comes with the new year, so leave yours in the comments!!  

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