3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a NON-Traditional Wedding Dress

Not that long ago, it was nearly unheard of (or at least totally taboo) to have anything other than an all white wedding dress (well, at least in western culture...). The very idea of a non-white dress was, at best, mildly horrifying. Something to whisper about behind raised hands and in reception hall corners. At worst, it was downright scandalous, akin to sewing a giant scarlet "A" to the bodice of your gown. Can I just say, from a photographer's perspective at least, thank the stars above that is no longer true! 

Now, if you're all about the all-white gown, more power to you (hey, I got married in one!). But if you're a little more on the adventurous side, here are a few reasons why you should consider shedding the tradition (along with some inspiration images from a recent publication shoot I did!): 

1. Like the rest of your wedding, your choice of gown should be a reflection of you. Wedding celebrations should be infused with the best parts of your personalities, both as a couple and individually. Letting personality dictate your decisions will help make your planning decisions simpler, and allow for so much more creativity. Your dress should be as much a part of that as any other piece of your wedding day design. And besides, who doesn't want to knock your partner's socks off while feeling very much like yourself at the same time? 

2. Choosing a color that coordinates with the entirety of your wedding day design elevates your entire event. When you work with your wedding coordinator to plan out the details of your day, a color scheme is usually one of the first elements that you'll address. Opening up the opportunity to introduce alternate neutrals than white/cream, or ditch a neutral dress all together and make a statement with your gown opens up possibilities for everything from your floral design, to your linen choices, and even to the choice of venue. The dress sets the tone for your atmosphere and, done well, it can take everything to the next level (ESPECIALLY in your photos!). 

3. A unique wedding dress makes a memorable statement, while opening up the possibilities for what you purchase at the same time. I don't know if you've been there, but I remember being sort of scared when I went to try on wedding gowns for the first time. I knew I didn't want a few things, and it seemed like literally every single wedding dress was what I did NOT want. Being relegated to basic wedding gown shops left me feeling limited and worried I might have to "settle". When you open up your option to include color, texture, pattern, and shine (hellooooooo gorgeous gold sequin Badgely Mishka dress....), you give yourself the opportunity to find something you truly love from wherever you opt to look. It makes finding the right dress about you instead of about the shop(s) you feel stuck with. 

Check out a little more inspiration from this Art Deco styled wedding shoot I did for Deco Weddings Magazine a few months back, featuring 2 non-traditional (and completely eco-friendly) gowns! They really show off what I mean by #2 especially! 


Photography: Brienne Michelle, Floral Design: Delightful By Rochelle, Eco-Couture Gowns and Vintage Sari Veil: Deborah Lindquist, Jewelry: Julieri, Hair: Cassi Young Paxton, Makeup: Paula Scarpino Makeup, Vegan Shoes: Mink Shoes, Invitation Design: McManus & Morgan 

See the full feature here!

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