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I'm Brienne.

I'm a wife. I'm a mom of two. I'm an artist. 

Sounds glamorous, right? How about a little bit of the not-so-glamorous? I'm all for keepin' it real, so here you go:

* I'm extraordinarily clumsy (to epic levels, I assure you. Like, dislocate-my-pelvis-while-bowling levels).

* I'm a little obsessed with tattoos (I have 7, but that's because I'm holding myself back).

* I have a lot of animals so I'm pretty much always lightly coated in fur (2 dogs, 2 cats and counting).

* I don't sleep very much and I am most definitely a night owl (me and mornings? not. friends.).

* I love reading and know all the grammar rules, but politely decline to use them when blogging (much to my writer-mother's chagrin). 

* I talk way too loud and way too fast. 

But despite all that, I am still most definitely an artist at heart. This December marks 9 years of pursuing my passion for photography and I can confidently say that I feel comfortable shooting in pretty much any environment with just about any conditions. I love what I do, I've thrown myself into it whole-heartedly (because every passion deserves that kind of attention and mastery!) and I'm blessed to do what I do.  

Enough about me though. I want to know about you! What moves you? What makes you laugh? Are you a loud talker too? Let's connect. Let's make art. Let's have an amazing time while we create. I'm ready. Are you? 

Weddings & Engagements

For almost 9 years now, wedding photography has been a love of mine. It's also been my job for that long, but it feels like so much more. I have been honored to be a part of capturing roughly 200 weddings in that time and I still love it. I adore it actually. I love the details, the stories, the smiles, the tears, the dancing, the flowers, the finery, the simplicity, and the elegance.

But mostly, I just love love. Lame? Cheesy? Yeah, probably. But I'm not sorry. It's why I love my job. It's why I invest in every one of my couples. It's why I care that your images will be amazing. And, not to be too cliche, but since you only come away with a ring, a spouse, and photos, your photos should be as beautiful as your bling and as long-lasting as your partner.

Invest in this (the same way you did for those other two things!), whether it's with me or another professional photographer. These photos matter. For you, for your families, for your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This is the first family heirloom you get to create. Make it extraordinary. 




Mermaid Sessions


I think I've always been a little bit obsessed with water. I was one of those kids people casually called a "fish" when I was little because OH MY did I love to be in the pool or the ocean all day. I daydream about living where I can hear the sound of the waves (it will happen one day!). I can eat, drink, and nap in a pool all day long if I had the chance (pretty sure that's my perfect vacation). I can remember spending countless hours as a little girl desperately wishing and pretending to be Ariel after The Little Mermaid came out. I would have traded my legs for her fins any day of the week. 

I love the water. I love the way it moves, the way it changes everything. Things look differently, sound differently, act differently, move differently in the water. Even the laws of gravity seem to change. It's beautiful and life giving and mysterious all at the same time. How could my passion in photography not overlap into my obsession with water? 

So I created Mermaid Sessions. For those out there that share this pull of the ocean, this infatuation with the waves and water, this is for you. I define my Mermaid Sessions as anything in, around, on, or under the water, so let's get creative. Want to do an underwater shoot? Awesome. I'm down. Want to go to the ocean and play in the waves? Count me in. Want to find a lovely waterfall or a beautiful lagoon? Let's do it. Maybe you just want to use some fake (or real) rain or even a shower? Yup. I'm in. I've found amazing locations all over California (or Kauai!) that we can pull from, and of course I'm available for travel. 

Interested? Let's talk. Let's dream. Let's create something that has a little bit of magic. Let's dive in!

** Please note, due to their demands, added time, and possible travel involved, Mermaid Sessions are priced differently than standard portrait sessions. The investment level is determined after settling on location so please send me an email or click the button above to get an estimate. This type of session is about creating artwork, so every client (my muses!) receives a one-of-a-kind signed canvas from their session.

Lifestyle & Headshots

Lifestyle and headshot sessions include senior portraits, lifestyle-family portraits, model portfolios, concept photography, standard headshot photography, and social-media/profile image photography. 

All sessions include a style consultation, professional hair and makeup, photoshoot, and in-studio image review session. 

Photography For Women, by Women.

It's time to get real. Close your eyes and take a deep breath because this next part? You need to hear this. And I don't mean just read it or cognitively acknowledge it, I need you to hear it and internalize it deep within your spirit, to the deepest parts of your soul. You ready? 

You're beautiful. 

No really. You're stunning. You're brave and amazing and there is something in you that simply cannot be found anywhere else. 

You need to know that. Deep down. Your sons and your daughters need to know YOU know it. Your colleagues, your friends, they need to know you know it. I need to know you know it. Why? 

Because it's time. 

It's time to change the narrative on what "beauty" means. It's time to shout out from the mountain tops and the valley floors and every social, print, and broadcast media out there that beauty comes in every size and shape, every color and creed. It's time for you to embrace yourself, to acknowledge and honor the light and beauty that is not only on the inside, but the OUTSIDE of you too. 

This is what I'm about. This is what I do. I live in a world where I am constantly amazed by the beauty uniquely possessed by women and I am driven - boldly and passionately - to show women their own beauty in every way I possibly can. 

It's not easy. In fact it's a little scary. I was terrified when I started to challenge my own self-image. But here's the thing, it's not about being fearless, it's about being BOLD. It's about being BRAVE. So join me and the growing army of women who refuse to be defined by the mold anymore.

Let's change the narrative. It's time. 

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Your wedding planning is complicated enough, you don't need the photography to be complicated too. 








A la carte options like prints, canvases, 2nd photographer, and albums are available as well. 


Headshot and lifestyle portraiture sessions are available at our Burbank studio location or at the location of your choice*. All sessions include an online gallery with 20-30 edited digital files available for download.


*locations must be within our standard travel zone of 50 miles from area code 91502. Sessions beyond our travel zone may be charged a travel fee.


All beauty and boudoir sessions include professional hair and makeup application, style consultation, photoshoot, reveal session, and a crazy awesome boost of self-confidence. Marathons and group rates available. In-studio location available on request. 


Contact the Studio

Have a question? Ready to check if your date is available? Want a little bit more information? Curious about my internship program or camera lessons? Just feel like chatting (I'm really friendly!)? Fill out the short form below and click the "Let's Connect" button! 

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If you go to my blog, you'll be inundated with the following: 

  • my most recent shoots (ok, yeah, that one was obvious)
  • personal musings (I like to ramble)
  • photography tips & tricks
  • my series entitled "The Truth About Motherhood"
  • photos of my kids and family (see point above)
  • the occasional recipe (gluten-free... Celiac sufferers unite!)
  • way too many photos of shoes (way way way)
  • my awkward confessions contained in my "Truth Tuesday" posts
  • lots of intentionally bad grammar (sorry mom!)

Ok, you've been warned! Still interested? Awesome. Welcome to my personal little corner of the interwebs.